Wednesday, August 10, 2005

"Quick, Holiness, to the Bat ... I mean, Popemobile!"

Well, technically a black sedan-style limo isn't the Popemobile. But doesn't it look like he's rushing off to save the day?


  1. Naw, he's such an adorible old dude!

    (...Am I ALLOWED to say that about the Pope??)

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  3. Yes, you CAN say about the Pope, so long as it's platonic, which I assume it is since he's 78, he he he. And to anon: Thanks for the spam comments! Hurray, spam!

  4. Shannon, no worries. Adorable? That's not even pushing it! There are lots of uber-Catholic girls who go so far as to call dearest Papa "squishy-cute"; as in: "I'm not surprised Ratzinger got elected, he definitely had the squish factor going for him" and "I didn't care who got elected, so long as he was squishy."

    (I happen to agree with their assesments, and yours:)