Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Did you go to school, like I did, with annoying boys who would say "Yesssss!" every time they sunk a basket or got an A or did something vaguely positive? I was always looking for a way to throw it back in their faces, so that they would finally realize how horrid it was, but as I recall I was only able to do it once, during a game of Marco Polo.

Anyway, here is some Yesss-worthy news:

Mel Gibson asked to portray Passion for next World Youth Day

Sydney, Aug. 08 (CWNews.com) - Cardinal George Pell has asked actor Mel Gibson to stage a reenactment of the Crucifixion in Sydney, Australia, during World Youth Day there in 2008, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

The newspaper reports that the portrayal would begin with a staging of the Last Supper at the famous Opera House, and conclude with the Crucifixion in the city's cathedral. The Morning Herald indicated that Gibson has not yet responded to the invitation, but Cardinal Pell said, "He might well be attracted."

Now, Sydney has not even been officially announced as the next site for World Youth Day ... Still, wouldn't this be great?

Peter Akinola rebukes the English House of Bishops

It seems clear the House of Bishops is determined to chart a course for the Church of England that brings further division at a time when we are still struggling with fragmentation and disunity within the Communion. Let it be known that it is not a path that we can follow. It is also a path that is clearly at odds with the mind of the rest of the Anglican Communion.

May I remind the Bishops of the Church of England that, when faced with similar decisions on the part of the Episcopal Church (USA) and the Anglican Church of Canada, discipline was imposed. While I have great affection and respect for the historic role that the Church of England has played in all of our lives, no church can ignore the teaching of the Bible with impunity and no church is beyond discipline.

I call on the House of Bishops of the Church of England to renounce their statement and declare their unqualified commitment to the historic faith, teaching and practice of the Church. Failure to do so will only add to our current crisis.

Go, Anglican fascists! :)

Phoenix bishop enforces ban against pro-choice politicians

PHOENIX - Politicians who support issues like abortion and gay rights have been banned from speaking at Catholic churches in the Phoenix Diocese ...

... In a letter to pastors in December, Olmsted said churches may not invite to speak any politician or other public figure who disagrees with basic church teachings on abortion, gay marriage or other issues.

An invitation "would provide them with a platform which would suggest support for their actions," Olmsted wrote.

I love Bishop Olmsted. Talk about cleaning up a diocese!

New Liturgical Movmement blog

This blog, which looks awesome, enjoys the contributions of quite a few experts, including a couple very prominent writers. It's dedicated to exploring the possibilities for revitalizing the Sacred Liturgy. Particularly interesting are the various "streams" of thought on this subject: Those who favor the classical Roman rite (Tridentine or Latin Mass), the "reform of the reform," school, which seems more moderate and seeks to reform the current Novus Ordo, and finally, with regard to Eastern Catholicism. This last isn't exactly a "school," I guess I would say; however, elements of the Eastern rites (Byzantine, Ukranian etc.) are quite influential even in the Latin community. The Easterners certainly seem to have preserved liturgical beauty and reverence with far greater success than Westerners.

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