Monday, September 12, 2005


In September? Yes, in September.

I have forgotten to mention that on Saturday night, instead of doing my homework (har har) I went with my roomies and Lyndsey's boyfriend, Jimmy, to the Marietta fireworks show. A couple of the girls went last year, but this was my first time! The city was quite packed, and we had to park all the way back in the Wendy's parking lot - where we also had dinner. Note: My plans to become a more accepting, generous, less complaining person this year are so far not panning out. Only I could manage to whine about the 99 cent menu being a touch too expensive, lol!

Anyway, it was quite a walk to the river, but very much worth it. There were hardly any open spots by the levee, so we climbed this extremely steep, rocky hill and perched at the very top of it. I was the only one with tennis shoes on; the others had sandals! I still had a tough time climbing up. There was nothing to do but hope the vines I was grasping weren't poison ivy, he he.

But what a show! We were in the perfect position, almost right under where the fireworks went off. I enjoyed reading the names of the riverboats that were docked across from us; we were right across from a three story riverboat that had been christened "Princess Margey." Betsy will be pleased to hear that I also noticed a (smaller) ship named the "Elizabeth Anne."

I can honestly say it was the best fireworks show I have ever seen. They even had "waterfall effect" fireworks coming off of the bridge. This photo, from the Marietta Times, is from a different year, but it certainly gives an accurate picture of how "all out" the authorities go:

Obviously this was not for the Fourth of July. It was actually for the Ohio River Sternwheel Festival. Lots of fun.

At the beginning they played the national anthem as a helicopter flew over the river with an American flag suspended from a rope (or something like a rope). A huge spotlight was trained on the flag so that we could see it against the night sky. Very nice effect!

And I shouldn't forget to mention the horns on those riverboats! At the end of the show they started blowing! Ahhh, my ears ;)

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  1. Ooooooooooooooooooooh, pretty!!! :)

    I LOVE fireworks!