Tuesday, September 13, 2005

So far

I have come up with the following ideas for stories:

1. Something on the faith lives of students (thanks Greg!:)
2. Something on the food in the dining halls (wow, from the sublime to the eeehhh)
3. Something on the local cemeteries (who WERE some of these people?)
4. Something on the local traffic problems (yeah, yeah, I know, and has Cosmo done any articles on weight loss recently?)
5. Something on Mom's Weekend (if it comes up soon enough ... it's an interesting situation - Mothers not acting like responsible mothers - you know what I mean if you go to OU)
6. Something on Sunday mornings (maybe I could interview the other weirdos who get up on Sunday mornings - the churchgoers, the runners, the "walk of shame" people, the might-be-homeless lady I always see on the bench outside city hall ...)

Chug chug chug, Maggie, chug chug chug ... ;)

I am always trying to think of more. I know most of those ideas stink, particularly everything after #1. #2 would be super easy, as would #4, I think. #6 would be hard, although I could easily write it from a first-person point of view. It's a magazine class, so I get to be all flowerly with my language. Flowery, flowery! You can't tell I'm slightly off-kilter from doing four hours straight at this library computer, can you? I'm going to stop now, before anybody gets hurt ;)


  1. Hey Maggie! I stopped by and you weren't there! :(

    By the way, your closet door was open and I spied that CUTE pink coat you got! Where did you get it at?!??! I loved it!

  2. I know! I'm sorry I missed you :( But thank you for the lovely house warming present! I got the pink coat at Kohl's. Technically, my mother got it for me, since I whined until she helped me out with the bill, he he!

  3. you can always do a piece on your's truly....

  4. Dang, looks like my comment yesterday didn't stick. :grumbles:

    Point was, I think you're first choice (college kids and faith) is the best because the general media tends to pretend it doesn't exist, so it's not a story that's been done too many times. (Plus, average reader probably has faith involvement at some level and would be interested in reading about their peers' experiences.)