Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Squirrel Pope!

From Fiddleback Fever, via the Shrine of the Holy Whapping...

As can be seen form the above picture a crisis has formed. Some squirrels have gone too far and separated from the Bovine Church. This is a sad day because most of these squirrels were great examples to all non-bovine members of the Bovine Church. It is believed that all has happened because of St. Scurrius, though other sources have said that the ASC (Anti-squirrel Coalition) has been spreading false information among the friendly squirrels. This has gone beyond the Europa ordeal because the ordination of a squirrel is ontologically impossible. However, we hope that it will end quicker and better.
Ahhh haaaa! Those crazy Christendom College kids!Incidentally they have another hiliarous update on the Squirrel Schism, which you can see here. I highly reccomend you check out their blog, it's fantastic. Into the Daily Stops section it goes!

Incidentally I have other linkage news: I have moved my sister's blog, A Little Flower Garden, into the "Daily Stops" category, just for space purposes; I have taken Quodlibeta off (as his seminary has a new policy that doesn't allow blogging - tears ) and I have put Mark Shea's Catholic and Enjoying It back in, since he's back from hiatus. Also added is Recta Ratio, an excellent, quite high-brow blog. The most high-brow of the high-brow, however, is Andrew Cusack's site. Last but not least, my "Friends" section includes a link to my friend Brendan's new blog, Introibo. Brendan is a traditionalist who is discerning ordination to the priesthood. Although some of his opinions are not mainstream, he is definately not one of the fringe traditionalists who believe there is no Pope, or, like this gentleman, claim that the true Fatima message is that Mary is God. (No joke! Hat tip to Bettnet for the link). Right now Introibo has some interesting posts on Catholic culture. Check it out!


  1. Thanks for posting the link Maggie. Today begins the dreaded Carmelite fast... excluding Christmas, feasts, and Sundays, it lasts until Easter. :(

  2. Dude, squirrel is awesome... But it doesn't look like it wants to be there, does it? (Poor thing!)

  3. :...still feeling bad for the squirrel: