Thursday, September 15, 2005

The young man on the elevator

Senator Sam Brownback tells a great (and instructive) story about the young man who runs the Senate's elevator. His comments came during Judge Robert's confirmation hearings Wednesday:

Senator Kennedy is helping me with a bill because a number of children never get here that have disabilities. Unborn children prenatally diagnosed with Down's Syndrome and other disabilities -- I don't know if you know this, but there was a recent analysis, and 80 percent to 90 percent of children prenatally diagnosed with Down's Syndrome never get here -- never get here. They're aborted in the system.

And people just say: Look, this child's got difficulties. And we even have waiting lists in America of people, today, willing to adopt children with Down's Syndrome. And we will protect that child -- as well we should, under the Americans with Disabilities Act and other issues -- when they get here.

But so much of the time, and with our increased ability of genetic testing, they don't get here. Diagnosed in the womb, system that encourages this child to be destroyed at that stage -- and this is all in the records.

And we are the poorer for it as a society.

All the members of this body know a young man with Down's Syndrome named Jimmy. Maybe you've met him, even. He runs the elevator that takes the senators up and down on the Senate floors. His warm smile welcomes us every day. We're a better body for him.

He told me the other day -- he frequently gives me a hug in the elevator afterwards. I know he does Senator Hatch often, too, who kindly gives him ties, some of which I question the taste of, Orrin...


... but he kindly gives ties.

HATCH: It doesn't have to get personal...


BROWNBACK: And Jimmy said to me the other day after he hugged me; he said Shhh, don't tell my supervisor. They're telling me I'm hugging too many people.


BROWNBACK: And, yet, we're ennobled by him and what he does and how he lifts up our humanity and 80 to 90 percent of the kids in this country like Jimmy never get here.

What does that do to us? What does that say about us. And I would just ask you, Judge Roberts, to consider -- and probably you can't answer here today, whether the individuals with disabilities have the same constitutional rights that you and I share while they're in the womb.
Of course, Judge Roberts couldn't give a response, or the Dems would have jumped all over him. Although I can't imagine even Sen. Feinstein getting up and saying it was AOK that Down's Syndrome children are aborted so often. Very few Dems are evil people; most of them are just weak (you could say the same about the Republicans).

You can read the entire transcript of the third day of hearings here.

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  1. You know, the politics behind all of this is making me sick- and I've been too busy to get like ANY news the last two weeks. :sigh: Why can't they just let the nice judge get onto the bench and move on with their lives?

    God, as if not killing innocent, unborn children would be a BAD thing. :angry noise: