Sunday, September 04, 2005


I was catching up on my blog reading (oh what a productive use of my time) when I discovered that the wonderful blog Blogodoxy is over!

Basically, it was a blog that included contributions from both Catholics and members of the Eastern Orthodox Churches - the two Churches that have all seven sacraments and apostolic succession; in other words, the two representatives of ancient Christianity. As the final post jokingly stated:

Benedict XVI is very upset that this effort at East/West dialogue has failed. This is a serious blow to Christian unity. In fact he now wants the bones of St John Chrysostom back again. Please contact me so that the arrangements can be made.

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I don't think anything would induce Papa to ask for the relics of St. John Chrysostom back again. ;) Still, we shouldn't sell efforts like Blogodoxy short. Personally, I think it's very true that it will probably be through this kind of contact and discussion on the individual level that the greatest strides toward reunion with the East will be made. In the meantime we can count on Papa to keep trying through the "official" channels. :)

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