Monday, September 05, 2005

Rest in peace

William Rehnquist

I think that the Chief Justice will be best remembered for his conservative view of the proper relationship between the states and the federal government. I, myself, will always remember him for being one of only two justices (he was then a very new associate judge) to produce a dissenting opinion when Roe v. Wade was decided. His dissenting opinion on the flag-burning issue also sticks in my mind, not because I necessarily agree with it, but because he was so passionate in defense of the Star-Spangled Banner. He was a good man.

President Bush has decided to nominate John Roberts for Rehnquist's seat. He would certainly be a very young chief justice! Interestingly, long ago (but not in a galaxy far, far away) Judge Roberts served as one of Justice Rehnquist's law clerks. I wonder whom the president will nominate to fill the now-vacant-again post once held by Sandra Day O'Connor. Whomever he chooses, I hope it is a sold, clearly conservative candidate. I like Judge Roberts, but I do not have the stomach for two "stealth" nominees, I don't think ... ;)

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  1. Yes! (If, by "stealth" you meant EVERYONE knows about it... Including things about the nominee that are not, in ANY sense, true.)