Friday, October 07, 2005


This evening I am going to be heading to Easton Town, Ohio, with my roommate Jenn. We are maybe going to get a treat to eat, and do some shopping, mmmm! It's a very ritzy place, so I assume it will mostly be window-shopping. I hope this will not induce any envious materialist rages, sigh!

Speaking of "sigh" it is a very rainy, cold day in Athens. It IS autumn, after all, so what can you expect?

One of the Daily Mass Ladies - incidentally, the same one who I wrote about, who annoys me with the "Hear our prayerS" line at Mass - invited me to go with their senior citizen's group to Columbus, to see the Cathedral there (St. Joseph's, I think?). I think I would have been waaaay uncomfortable going without knowing anybody, and with a bunch of people who are so much older than me ... Nothing to talk about, you know? So I chickened out. It was a day trip, and I couldn't be gone the whole day, anyway. But then she invited me to come to their next little event, a couple-hour retreat to this place in Coolville. She mentioned that it was run by a couple of nuns, who incidentally were sitting behind me during Mass! (They were non-habit-wearing variety, so I didn't know). Maybe I could go to that, just to ask their advice about discernment, although obviously their order is Not For Me. Hmmm.

National Review turns 50 this week! Of course, I do not agree with absolutely everything the NR folks say, but so what. I still love the magazine. Alas, being a starving college student, I had to let my subscription lapse a long time ago and just pick up the occasional copy at the library. I get most of my National Review highs reading NRO. Free content, ooooo!

Anniversary pieces:

"When I think of National Review, I think of ..."
Q&A: Priscilla Buckley on the joys of National Review "Miss Buckley's finishing school for young ladies and gentlemen of conservative persuasion" - ha!
President Bush's tribute to Buckley


  1. Road trip!!!! (Be good Maggie- and strike good bargina, lol!)

  2. Oh, and call me sometime tomorrow/whenever. It's been MUCH too long since we chatted!