Saturday, October 08, 2005


Friday was a very lovely time. Jenn drove me up to Easton Town Center, and we had a lovely dinner at Bar Louie's. We even got dessert - a huge brick of a piece of cake. The menu called it "Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Cake." That was certainly an accurate description! It was about the size of a brick, but much, much more tasty.

Easton is basically a huge shopping mall, and very, very ritzy. The gorgeous movie theatre had an escalator going up to the entrance. They had all these designer shops - the Bath and Body works type stores all had their doors open, so that when you walked down the sidewalk you could smellllll everything. They even had a Godiva Chocolate store. We went in, and Jenn was super nice and bought me a couple truffles, mmmm!

I did do something besides gawk at the pricey things and eat! At the Barnes and Noble, I bought God and the World, by Papa Benedetto. When I got to the register, the clerk said, "Oh, Ratzinger, he's a character." I just smiled and nodded, but I thought to myself: "I don't pay you to have an opinion, pal." Har har, you know all those bookstore clerks are rather lib, that is, non-Papa friendly!

Then we went to Denison to see a couple of Jenn's friends. They were nice boys, although it was Friday night and the one fellow was in a bit of a "condition" if you know what I mean. They must be smart - I could certainly never be a Denison girl!

We went to sleep at Jenn's house, near Newark, Ohio. She has three lovely cats who were very sweet, although I think they thought I was rather dull. What little darlings.

So, that ends the story of my Glorious Time in Easton. It was certainly nice to get out of Athens! I am glad I have nice roomies with cars who are willing to take me places :)

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  1. Ooooooooooooooooooh, I LOVE Easton! :)

    I've only been there once, and it was possibly the best babysitting job I've ever had, lol. (The mom had an all day meeting nearby, so I was in charge of helping the two girls spend their Christmas gift certificates. Needless to say, wonderful time was had by all- and I got PAID to do it! :much happiness:)

    Glad you had fun! :)