Sunday, October 09, 2005

Yippy, skippy

Today's Mass went wonderfully. The Eucharistic Prayer that Father used was the Canon, hurray! I get so sick of Eucharistic Prayer II it's not even funny.

The homily was on repentance. The "Prayers of the Faithful" included pleas for both world peace and the unborn.

Afterward I met up with Rebecca, who suggested I come to this fun little women's club event in November. There's going to be champaigne; she made a big point about that - I guess I look older than I am ;) Also, after Adoration last night, the lady who always wears a mantilla came up to me and asked if I had a ride home. I told her I did, and I did, if I wanted one - my roomies always offer to drive me places, just 'cuz they're nice like that!

Anyway, at Communion time we chanted Ubi Caritas, like last week - I guess to get us ready for the Procession a couple weeks from now. It was lovely. I still have it stuck in my head! It was nice to hear a priest singing Latin at a Novus Ordo, besides :)

The only problem is that after Easton and my general laziness, I have a ton of homework left to do! Urgh. Say a prayer that I get it done. And please pray for my sister, Betsy, who lost her cell phone (and a lot of phone numbers!) this weekend. And most of all, pray for the victims of the Asian earthquake - 20,000 dead, last I heard. Horrible.

Incidentally, today was the beatification for "the Lion of Muenster," so named because, during his time as bishop, he delievered many courageous anti-Nazi homilies and took a strong stand against euthanasia and other Third Reich tactics for eliminating the "unfit." Cardinal (now Blessed) Clemens August von Galen died in 1946; he is now one step away from canonization.

Papa at the beatification:

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