Thursday, October 27, 2005

A very blah week

This last week did not go too well for me. I am rather glad la semaine est finit. It got off to a fine nasty start with the news that I got a 78 percent on my Non-European history exam. A C+! In a history class not taught by my dear Madame Brickley and her guillotine! I had a bit of a fit, especially when I discovered that said C+ took my grade in the class to a lousy B. There are a couple exams/exercises left, however, and I guess I just have to ace those.

I also developed a bit of a health issue earlier this week. I don't have a car down here in Athens, so I have to walk a lot. What am I saying, I don't have a car, period ;) Anyway, I managed to get a huge blister on the little toe of my left foot. It got pretty big - it was sticking out about the size of thimble - and I was actually starting to get a callous on the blister itself. So I eventually went to the university health clinic and got it taken care of.

Oh, what a lovely place is the university health clinic. Basically one goes in, registers, and waits. Then one goes in to see the triage nurse. Then one comes out again and waits. Then one gives one's insurance information to medical records. Then one waits some more. Then one goes in to see the examining nurse, who afterward takes one down a little hall and tells you to sit in a chair outside an office. And wait. Eventually you get to go in and see the doctor, who has strange, vaguely communistic kids posters about sustainable living and evil corporations on the walls. Then this doctor makes you lie down and sticks some kind of draining thing in your blister. After a minute or two of draining, voila! Next on the assembly line, please. Never fear, You Have Been Billed.

I am worried that I have not been very pleasant to people lately. I just have not been in a good mood, and it really wouldn't do to explain to people, "Sorry, not jolly today. Have blister draining into sock, natch."

In somewhat less gross news, I got my rough draft for my feature story - the one on the residents of the West State Street Cemetery - finished. I decided to title it "Death Makes For Strange Bedfellows." For some odd reason I kept having to fight the impulse to call it "How Many People Are Living in the State Street Cemetery?" and then begin the piece with a lead of: "None." Of course, that's a joke my mother always used to tell us kids whenever we drove passed a graveyard. My childhood is coming back to haunt me, agh!

anyway, if anyone wants to read it, leave me a note or send me an e-mail and I'll send it along to you. I have gotten to the point where I can't even tell if it's good or bad, because I've read it so many times. I have the distinct feeling that it stinks, but oh well.

In spite of all the work I've got flowing out of my ears, and in spite of all the bad things happening this week, I am currently on a bit of a spiritual high. The Lord is very generous with His consolations. Of course, the fact that I'm feeling so good is also an occasion for me to start worrying about whether I'm not doing a little bit of emotional or spiritual self-suggestion... Very ick.

I'm scheduling for classes this afternoon. Please pray I manage to get in the courses I need to graduate!

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  1. Nah, so sorry about your toe, babes! Blah! (I lucked out the time I had pink eye at the campus clinic though... Maybe for some strange reason they found you to be less contagious? ;) ;) ;p!)

    Ooooooooooooooh! I wanna read! Pick me! Pick me!!