Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Much nasty

Article from the Pittsburgh Tribune:

Episcopal group plots takeover
An Episcopal group has a doomsday plan that calls for ousting conservative bishops and seizing church property if they attempt to break from the denomination over its increasingly liberal position on homosexuality.

The so-called "Day After" plan could kick in as early as June, when the Episcopal Church USA holds its General Convention in Columbus, Ohio, according to minutes from a closed steering committee meeting of the group Via Media...

Despite the preliminary nature of their discussions, Gunderson conceded that the progressive group is ramping up for a possible showdown with conservative bishops.

"Like any group of people who love their church, we are preparing for how things might be handled if some bishops try to take their dioceses outside the Episcopal church," she said.

Some steps that could be taken to counter efforts by conservative bishops to align their dioceses -- including all assets -- with like-minded bishops around the world include:

Declaring the bishop's seat vacant and appointing an interim bishop.

Requesting a special convention to give the interim bishop power to fill positions in diocesan government such as trustees, councils and standing committees.

Preparing to take legal action to protect church property.

Identifying locations and personnel such as retired priests, deacons and lay leaders to provide worshipping communities and "safe havens" for those who remain in the Episcopal church.

Launching a public relations campaign to build awareness and support for the remaining church's positions.
Ah yes, don't forget the PR campaign.

This is just disgusting. Plotting and forming conspiracies. Not openly going for alliances or developing a strategy, but doing it in the dark of night and giving it an ominous code name like "the Day After." Then, of course, you run into a bit of a road block when your group's little plans get leaked ...

The article also states:

Pittsburgh diocesan officials estimate that although conservatives represent only about 10 percent of the roughly 2.3 million Episcopalians in the United States, an estimated 45 million to 50 million of the world's 77 million Anglicans consider themselves conservative.
Catholics have to suffer from this, too: A lot of liberals who go around screaming about "women priests, married priests, birth control and contraception, gay marriage and abortion!" have a tendency to confuse the Church in the United States with THE CHURCH. Besides the fact that the Catholic Church is not a democracy and we don't get to vote on the truth (as though the "truth" always conincides with what is popular and would be "voted in" by people) it's important to keep in mind that while America is an important country, being an American doesn't make you any more of a Christian (or a Catholic). It stinks for the libs that the rest of the world is really morally conservative. Tough break, eh.

Found via Off the Record. I'm trying to quit reading it, honest.


  1. :throws things at nasty, evil, Hell-bent liberal Episcopalians:

    Why must they kill this denomination???? Why???

    I mean, I much love being Anglican/etc, so I'm still well out of it, but I HATEEEEEEEEEEEE watching this go down, you know??

  2. but arent the liberals the ones tolerating the gay priests? so isnt it the conservative episcopals who, as you put it, are killing the denomination

    not sure how i found your blog
    i like it though
    good luck with your night in the graveyard

  3. It's the liberals who are trying to force acceptance of active homosexuality in the Episcopalian/Anglican ministry. They are the ones acting; conservatives are merely reacting.

    Thanks for the luck :)