Tuesday, November 15, 2005

For Christmas

The girls and I are doing a gift exchange thingy for the Christmas holiday this year; sort of a Secret Santa arrangement where we each pick a list out of a pile. The main rule is we have to stay in the $20 or $25 to $30 dollar limit - no going over or under.

In case I don't get to print out my list, here are my choice bits:

Salt of the Earth (reaaaally want this one)
Death Comes for the Archbishop
Surprised by Truth
Truth and Tolerance
Story of a Soul

As you can see, all I want for Christmas is ... books, books, books! Surprise, surprise, surprise. A couple of them are really, really cheap, like a buck a pop. Hint: If you get them used, you can get more! Ooo, more! Ha, I am so subtle/non-greedy. ;)


  1. Stop being so selfish!

  2. I know, I know, selfish girl, LYNDSEY! :)

  3. oh i know maggyie :) and i really appreciate it; there was a particular person who finally checked that i meant in my entry... it was kinda confusing now that i read it again... your checks are always very appreciated! you check mine more than i check yours even :P

  4. With your roomies? Naw, that's nice! :)

    When are you coming home, again?