Wednesday, November 16, 2005

From the Wednesday audience

The commentary was on Psalm 135, verses 10-26.

VATICAN CITY, NOV. 16, 2005 ( Benedict XVI invited his listeners at the general audience to discover the love of God revealed in his works throughout history...

..."The Lord is, of course, transcendent as Creator and arbiter of being; but he is also close to his creatures, entering into space and time," the Holy Father said. "He does not stay far away, in the distant heaven. On the contrary, his presence among us reaches the summit in the Incarnation of Christ."

Quoting St. Cyprian, a third-century martyr, Benedict XVI added that the Son of God "was wounded to heal our wounds, he became a slave to lead us, who were slaves, to freedom. He accepted death to be able to offer immortality to mortals."
As usual, the entire papal commentary is quite good. I have read in several places - on my sister's blog, for instance - that Papa's crowds are much larger than even the late John Paul the Great's were. I suspect that's because, even though Papa is a very shy man, he speaks so eloquently that his teaching is quite magnetic.

It's an interesting contrast - his predecessor was so charismatic, and Benedict is supposed to be so quiet and retiring - yet he seems very successful in reaching the faithful, if only on the somewhat superficial Wednesday-audience-and-Sunday-Angelus level.

Alas, I have heard a little bit of bad news - Papa is fighting off a sore throat! His voice was a bit hoarse while speaking today, and twice his secretary handed him a throat drop. Of course, everybody gets a little under the weather every once in a while - but how inconvenient, to have a painful throat and be in a position that requires so much public speaking! Let us all pray for the Holy Father's strength and health, as well as for his personal intentions.

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