Thursday, November 17, 2005

That miniseries coming up on CBS

Papa got to see a preview of it today! (Ha, the Paul VI Hall makes for a pretty large movie theatre, doesn't it)

VATICAN CITY, Nov 17 (Reuters) - Pope Benedict and Oscar winner Jon Voight attended a special screening on Thursday of a television mini-series in which Voight plays the late Pope John Paul...

...Many people in the large hall cried openly during some of the most moving and vivid scenes, including when the Pope was rushed to hospital after an assassination attempt in 1981 and when the Pontiff was on his deathbed last April...

...The four-hour mini-series will be broadcast on December 4 and December 7 in the United States on CBS, which is owned by Viacom Inc.

It had special approval from the Vatican. Some of the scenes were shot in the same rooms where the events actually took place, a rarity for films about the Vatican.

The audience applauded when an actor who played Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger -- the current pope's name before his election last April, appeared on the screen...
Full article.

Well, won't that be an interesting show to watch! If they've been working with the Holy See, I'm sure it will be an accurate and respectful program. Alas, I didn't get to see the previous biopic because it was on the Hallmark Channel, which we don't get on Basic Cable out here in Athens. Apparently, Hallmark got its highest ratings ever with that version. Jon Voight, I don't think I've ever seen any of his stuff ... can you tell I'm not much of a movie buff? ;)

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