Monday, December 05, 2005

Go get 'em

From the Vatican...

Pope condemns "crime of abortion," attacks on marriage

Vatican, Dec. 05 ( - Pope Benedict XVI renewed his opposition to "the intrinsic evil of the crime of abortion," and warned against false imitations of marriage, as he met on December 3 with leaders of the Latin American Episcopal Commissions for the Family and Life.

The Pope's strong statement to the Latin American group came at a time when efforts to legalize abortion are underway in several countries across the region. The Holy Father said that the act of abortion, "attacking human life at its beginnings, is also an act of aggression against society itself." Political leaders, he said, have a "duty to defend the fundamental right to life."

...He insisted that "children have the right to be born and to grow up in the bosom of a family founded on marriage." The Church, he said, needs pastors who will promote authentic family life with energy and force...

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Reason #372 to enjoy being Catholic: You can always count on the Church to be strongly pro-life!


  1. hi!! i'm finally catching up a little on people's sites :P i saw the picture! i remember that day :) hope you have a great rest of the week and good luck with finals stuff whenever that time is for you :D

  2. I wanna know what reason #226 is!