Sunday, December 04, 2005

Another Sunday

Another Mass at St. Mary's.

I keep forgetting that before the Mass begins, we are all supposed to "stand up and greet one another!" as the gentleman with the microphone shouted today. Or that's how it is here, anyway. Ehhh, it's difficult for a shy person like me...

Great new blogs for the Daily Stops section!

Fireside Chat with the Rector - who doesn't love Anglican clergy of the (nose-bleed) High Church variety? Especially an Anglican clergyman with such an excellent sense of humor!
St. Peter's Helpers - Particularly check out the "Photo of the Week."
The Devout Life - Hilary, a splendidly *EVIL* traditionalist
Catholic Ragemonkey - No, they're not rabid simians, they're priests from Oklahoma!

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