Saturday, December 03, 2005

Hudson, Ohio

My hometown is a super place. However, given Hudson's reputation as Snob City, I thought I was probably one of the few who held that opinion. But whadyaknow, I just found out that in 2005, CNN and Money Magazine actually picked it as the 47th best town in the country to live in.

The city profile points out lots of nice "cultural" highlights that make it such a great place, especially the fantastic public schools - we have small class sizes and excellent academics. I plan on graduating from Ohio University two quarters early, and the reason I can is because of all the effort Hudson High School put into the college credit AP programs. I was able to take three advanced placement courses and four AP exams. There is literally an AP class for just about every subject - Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Statistics, Calculus, Computer Science, English, American History, European History, French, Spanish, German, Latin, etc.

I'll admit that some Hudson people can be a bit snotty, especially in the Chadds Ford corner of town, which is our neighborhood. I have personal experience with that. However, I would say that the vast majority are just like you and me... except with a lot more money!

My father can't believe we came in behind Solon, Ohio (#42). I'm not really that familiar with the place, so I'm not so disturbed ;) The #1 place in the country to live is Moorestown, New Jersey - see! New Jersey is a nice place! I keep telling people!

Here are a few of my Hudson girls: Carli, Katherine, yours truly, and Katie. The tag on Katie's facebook says that this picture was taken in December 2004. And you know what, now I remember! Shannon was still on her way and Betsy was behind the camera. We were out on First and Main to have coffee and window shop. Of course, given my dislike for java, I had hot chocolate. I am still not used to the new downtown construction. I keep getting disoriented when I drive down First Street!

Anyway, I hope we all have a chance to get together this year, too. Mmmm, chocolate!

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