Saturday, December 24, 2005

Mass at Midnight

We are going to the Midnight Mass at Immaculate Conception, as we did last year. I have really missed the Gregorian chant and the Latin.

Last night was tons of fun! My sister and I, as well as our friends Katherine, Katie, and Shannon met up at the coffee house on First and Main; and who did we see there but Stefanie Klaus and Julia Biars! A regular Class of '03 reunion! Now, Stefanie goes to school with me at the Scripps School of OU, but Julia goes to Allegheny College in PA. I hardly recognized her - she had grown quite a bit. Well, they pulled up their chairs and had some hot drinks with us, and afterward, they joined us at the Macedonia theatre for Memoirs of a Geisha.

It was a very good movie, and quite poignant. I can't say I approve of the "geisha way," but, ah well. It's a phenomenon of the culture, and hopefully the more "prostitute"-like aspects have been done away with in the modern institution. I'm just glad I wasn't born in pre-war Japan!

There were a few anomolies; for instance, at the beginning the heroine's father is depicted speaking Japanese; for the rest of the film, however, the dialogue is in English. All the actors were Chinese, also; I wonder how they feel about that in Japan, especially since there's not much love lost between the two countries.

I hope all of you have a holy Christmas!

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