Friday, December 23, 2005


Today was a most interesting, if non-productive, day. At about 4:30 in the morning, my dad and I started on a six hour road trip to Washington, DC to pick up my sister, Betsy, who is just now starting her vacation (grr!).

Given that we started at 4:30, I slept most of the way there. Dad did wake me up for a few minutes to show me a gorgeous sunrise in the Allegheny mountains! But then it was "back to sleep!" until we approached the Beltway. It was wonderful to see the city decked out for Christmas; just about every one of those imposing Classical-style buildings that define the District had a huge Christmas wreath hanging on the columns. I got to meet two of Betsy's roommates - Danielle and Andrew. They were both very nice and kept offering me food. But I had to decline, since for once, I wasn't that hungry!

We didn't have time to stop by the Basilica, alas. We just drove by. My sister, spoiled little brat that she is, lives on the same street (Michigan Avenue!) so she gets to go on a "pilgrimage" every Sunday for Mass! ;)

The ride home was quite uneventful, although it got dark pretty quickly. I did some more sleeping. And now, if all goes well, I think we're going to go out to a movie with our old group of friends from high school. Specifically, Memoirs of a Geisha. I bet it'll be pretty good!

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