Thursday, December 29, 2005

Today was an interesting day

Or it could have been!

My mother is a Registered Nurse, and her new job requires her to be Red Cross certified in CPR. So today, we went to the home office of her agency so that she could take the class. I say "we" because my sister and I came along; the office is in *ominous music* AKRON, that scary, scary place that no one (specifically, not Mother) knows how to get to! So Betsy and I agreed to drive Mother there so that if we got stranded on the trail, the wild animals would have three bodies to devour instead of just one. Or something like that.

Anyway, we got to the office without getting lost. Betsy stayed in the car, since she is getting CPR certified by AmeriCorps when she goes back to Washington, DC; I, on the other hand, was actually supposed to take the class along with Mother. Gulp!

I sat in the nursing office for about 45 minutes while the fellows in charge (basically it is a mostly-male business, unusual since almost all the nurses they give assignments to are women!) talked on the phone and moved a lot of paper from desk to desk; my mother was taken off somewhere to fill out some last minute paperwork. I really didn't want to sit there waiting any more - and one lady who was also there for the class mentioned that it cost $30. My mother was under the impression that it was free, and I didn't want to make her have to dish out thirty bucks for me! It's true that CPR certification would make a nice resume-padder, but that wasn't a big enough incentive. So I just slipped out and back to the car.

Cut that off the list of Things I Accomplished on My Christmas Vacation. My main accomplishment was probably the $500 I made working - besides maybe a little spiritual growth, of course! Not as much as I would have liked, I unfortunately got lazier as Advent went on... :(

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