Sunday, January 22, 2006

33 years ago today

It's my sister's unhappy anniversary. And mine, too. And everyone's.

Purusing the the "Women's Issues" section of everyone's favorite info/search site,, I found some interesting statistics.

Good news:

*According to a USA Today, CNN Gallup Poll in May, 1999 - 16% of Americans believe abortion should be legal for any reason at any time during pregnancy and 55% of Americans believe abortion should be legal only to save the life of the mother or in cases of rape or incest.

*According to a Gallup Poll in January, 2001 - People who considered themselves to be pro-life rose from 33% to 43% in the past 5 years, and people who considered themselves to be pro-choice declined from 56% to 48%.

Bad news (for some folks, I guess):

*54% of women having an abortion said they used some form of contraception during the month they became pregnant.

Sad news

*Approximately 1,370,000 abortions occur annually in the U.S.

- 25.5% of women deciding to have an abortion want to postpone childbearing.
- 10.8% of women feel a child will disrupt their education or career.
- 2.8% of women have an abortion due to a risk to maternal health

Two. Point. Eight. Percent. And, folks, that's not even lethal risk to maternal health.

Link:, "Women's Issues."

Considering abortion? It's the one choice you can never undo. Please think about adoption. Your baby - and the people whose lives he (or she) will touch - will always be grateful to you.

Catholic Charities Adoption Services

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