Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Washington Blade Names Pope Benedict XVI Anti-Gay Person of the Year

WASHINGTON, Dec. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- As 2005 draws to a close, many media outlets will announce their selections for person of the year. In past years, the Washington Blade editors have selected a Story of the Year instead. This year, the Story of the Year was, in the Washington Blade's view, the extraordinary efforts of one individual to not only put a halt to the acceptance of gay people legally and within the mainstream culture, but to roll back such acceptance to an earlier, less tolerant and more discriminatory time.

What can I say? It's more of the same inability to differentiate between PERSONS (whom the Holy Father has never condemned; in fact, he has demanded that homosexuals be treated with dignity) and ACTS (which, duh, are fair game).

Anyway, congratulations, Papa. To echo a comment I read on the Free Republic thread, if the Catholic Church were juvenile enough, I am sure that the Washington Blade would be high up in the running for "Anti-Catholic Newspaper of the Year."

The reality is that there are few greater compliments than to spend one's existence in the cross-hairs of both right-wing organizations like the Ayn Rand Institute and liberal entities like gay newspapers, NARAL, or the Hemlock Society. I am sure that every Pope from now until the end of time will infuriate them all, and thus cover himself in glory. Viva il Papa!

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