Monday, January 02, 2006

Lightning in January

What strange weather we've been having! I've never heard of violent thunderstorms in January - I guess these would usually be nasty snowstorms, but it's not cold enough to freeze. I guess that's a good thing... The drive down to Athens was unpleasant enough, what with the rain skipping off the semi trucks and onto our windshield at a rather high rate. Slippery ice would have been much, much worse!

Except that I'm tired of the gray weather, in any case. So, rain or snow, I wish it would clear out, if only for just a couple days.

At our little gift exchange, I got Salt of the Earth, by then-Card. Ratzinger; Death Comes For the Archbishop, my all-time favorite book; and The Story of a Soul. It's really quite ridiculous that I've never read St. Therese's autobiography, especially given my interest in Carmel. So, progress made there.

I also got a pretty necklace and a pair of earrings, which I am wearing right now. Very pink, very lovely :)

On Tuesday it's back to school, back to books, back to teacher's dirty looks... Or however the rhyme goes! I really can't believe I was away for six weeks. Urgh. Very urgh.

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