Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Breathe, breathe, breathe

It's Tuesday evening, and I am finally coming down from my work frenzy... Yay...

Unfortunately I am exhausted and I don't think I'll get much done tonight. I have another three page paper due Friday that I really should get working on. Ahem. Yep. It's going to be on women in the medieval period; my thesis is that, contrary to popular belief, the ladies were not so completely held face down in the mud by the male sex during that era. We are restricted to using primary sources for our information, so that means I get to troll through some genuine medieval texts and make my own analyses, instead of reading the analyses of Dr. Moonbat Textbookwriter, Ph. D.

Seriously, our text isn't quite that bad. It's just not very thorough. It is a 100-level class, and there are definitely freshmen in it. I guess you can't demand too much from the kids.

I have two of my three stories in, both under the deadline - the president of the Cardinal Newman Society, Mr. Patrick Reily, was very nice and willing to answer my questions about the V Monologues! I haven't heard back from my editor on that medieval Bible story. Bleh. Yesterday I spent the whole afternoon, and much of the evening, with my "non-traditional student" source, and her darling little daughter, Winter. I am a big hit with the kids. What do you mean, you're shocked? ;)

I was hoping to skip my 8 am class tomorrow to go to daily Mass. However, the professor is starting to up the ante a little bit and I don't think I can afford to miss. Blast. Definitely will go Friday, however...

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