Friday, February 17, 2006

Current projects

Dearest readers, let me vent for a moment. I've got three stories going at once right now, and it's kind of driving me batty. First, I've got a story on the... V. Monologues (yes, THAT infamous piece) with a Tuesday afternoon deadline. Don't ask how I got stuck with such a disgusting assignment. Of course I am going to try to counter the current feminist orthodoxy about it. It's for a class, so it's sort of important that I do well with the topic.

Secondly, I've got a Sunday night deadline on that medieval Bible story I'm writing for General Assignment with The Post. It's almost all done, and it's not too hot, but my editor is very gentle, so maybe it won't... Hurt... Too... Much...

Third, I am doing a feature story on "a day in the life of a non-traditional student." Basically, I get to follow around a friend of mine who happens to be a single mother in her mid-30s, who is here at OU finishing up her undergraduate degree. It's for a class, too. I much prefer writing features to writing straight news stories, simply because I come from a magazine journalism background and that's the kind of article I enjoy putting together. The trouble with an open-ended feature like this is that it's somewhat difficult to determine what the angle is going to be and how to focus it. And at the end of the day, it's a newspaper feature, not a magazine feature, so it's not as though I can write in whatever style I like.

It'll be all right, though, I'm sure. My main focus has to be on getting it done, getting it done, and getting it done! It's funny that I should pick journalism as a major when I love getting things in just under deadline, urgh ;)


  1. You're a journalism major? Cool! My major is Professional Writing. What I'm going to do with it before I enter a monastery, I have no earthly idea.

  2. The truth is there's not much you can do with a journalism major, either - at least not if you'd like to be both

    A. Above the poverty line and
    B. Free of your college debt oh, sometime in the next thirty years ;)