Saturday, February 18, 2006

Please pray

For the victims of the recent mudslide in the Philippines:
GUINSAUGON, Philippines (AP) - Rescue workers held little hope Saturday of finding survivors from a devastating landslide, saying this farming village was swallowed whole by a wall of mud and boulders.

Lt. Col. Raul Farnacio, the highest-ranking military officer at the scene of Friday's disaster, estimated the death toll at about 1,800 - nearly every man, woman and child who lived in Guinsaugon.

"Out of a population of 1,857, we have 57 survivors and 19 bodies," a grim Farnacio said as search efforts resumed Saturday in a drenching rain and high winds that made the task even more miserable. "We presume that more or less that 1,800 are feared dead."
Rest of article. Via Drudge.

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  1. Ah, jeez... Our priest is from the Philippines. I hope none of his family was caught in that slide!!!