Thursday, February 23, 2006

Homestar Runner Wiki!

I didn't know such a wonderful thing existed! Here is a little bit of their article on Strong Bad:

Strong Bad is one of the most well-known characters on He started out as the villain who always tried to cheat his way to the top but was always doomed to fail before Homestar Runner. Now he's less of a villain and more of a highly expanded form of comic relief. He answers e-mails with a passion. He will make fun of your grammar, punctuation, and spelling, but doesn't seem to be worried about his own. He also writes, illustrates, and narrates the Teen Girl Squad comics. He is the middle child of the Brothers Strong. His is the dominant personality and he loves to push everyone around: he's often abusing Homestar, kicking The Cheat, prank-calling Marzipan, or tormenting Strong Sad (although he and Strong Sad did seem to get along when they were younger).
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See the Homestar Wiki

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