Saturday, February 11, 2006

Nonproductive Saturday

Today, I hate to admit, I slept in until 12:30. Very embarrassing, but, alas, what can I say...?

It was generally a very sleepy day. I just couldn't seem to "get going" on anything. Not another fit of procrastination, I hope.

Our priest is on vacation this week, and so we are having a visiting priest - the vocations director of the diocese, actually - fill in at all of the Masses this weekend. So, perhaps (hopefully) we will have a good homily about the sublime nature of the priesthood. I certainly hope that he says Mass reverently, as it really wouldn't do to have an ad-libber try to attract young men to the seminary...

I saw him briefly at Adoration tonight, and he had a kind face. Not that you should judge people by the looks of them, of course ;)

This evening two of my roommates and their boyfriends and I indulged in a little game of war - we had those glow sticks one sees at fireworks shows, and we basically turned off the lights and threw them and other projectiles at each other. While somewhat childish it was lots of fun, and we only had one near miss with the glassware :)

My roommates are also trying to force me to go ice skating with them tonight. Now, as I'm sure I've said before, the image I create on skates is enough to move the most hardened secular humanist to a profound spirit of repentance and fear of the Lord, in anticipation of the approaching Apocalypse. Nevertheless, I think I will go, to please them. I've been once before and my performance was very blehhhh. If I have a difficult time I will just hang out in the penalty box alongside the rink! They can't force me to skate! Bwaaa ha!

The only difficulty this creates is that I really should have spent the evening reading for school. Maybe I will bring my book along and get some work done in the penalty box...

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