Saturday, March 25, 2006

Back to work

Well, the spring break is almost over. I took advantage of my last weekend off to go to confession at the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist in Cleveland. Sometimes I like confessing to a priest who wouldn't know me from Eve - it's less anxiety-producing for me, and it reminds me not to be so concerned about what the Father's reaction will be to what I say.

Tonight I got to see my old friend, Shannon, at the Caribou coffee house. She may soon be a manager at our local Panera Bread! LOL, already climbing the corporate ladder at the tender age of 21! :) I am going to attend services at her church, Hudson Trinity Anglican, after Mass tomorrow morning. Should be fun.

This evening my father decided that he wanted to take us out to dinner. We first tried Mary and Ted's, a family restaurant in downtown Hudson. A sign on the door stated that they now closed at 3:30 pm Monday through Saturday, and that they were closed entirely on Sunday. "The Lord's day," the flyer added emphatically. Now, that I could approve of! Except that since they are now closed for dinner, we had to go somewhere else. Next we tried Applebee's, in Macedonia. Packed. Chili's. Packed. Golden Corral. My mother decided she hated buffets. Also it was packed. Finally we ended up at the one place we swore we would not go - Steak n' Shake. Yessss, Steak n' Shake, where we always go out to eat. They had a convenient, roomy branch in Macedonia which was calling our name.

I had a Steakburger and a fudge-and-ice-cream brownie.

The shame over the fact that we succumbed to the lures of Steak n' Shake was somewhat overcome by the much more pressing fact that we were ravenously hungry. Also, my Mother added that we did not really want to go to Chili's, anyway. I quote: "Chili's is for people who can't decide whether to get married or kill themselves." Okay Mom! You're already wed, so I guess it's not the place for you! ;)

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  1. I heart Steak n Shake! That's where my parents met. I know all the secrets and how to order the food (like if you want non-greasy chilimac, you ask for it dry and they squeeze the grease out of it and the secret sauce is ketchup and worchestershire sauce)