Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A few little adjustments

This spring break, I have been making a few small changes along the line of spring cleaning. I got my hair cut, for instance. Unfortunately the famous Curse of the Curly Hair returned, and the hairdresser once again cut it too short, even after she noted that "curly hair is weird, when it bounces up it looks a lot shorter than the length it was originally cut to." So, now I have hair which is not chin length (as I requested) but... Lip-length. Oh well. It'll grow out, and it's not the end of the world :)

I also went to the eye doctor for an exam. I have noticed that I seem to be getting pretty near-sighted, and my beloved roommates threatened to kill me upon my return to school if I hadn't seen an optometrist. Surprisingly, it turns out that I don't need glasses. "Your eyes are not going to fall out of you head," saieth the doctor. I am, in fact, near-sighted, but not badly enough to require seeing aids. He told me that the discomfort I feel after sitting at a computer screen is perfectly normal and that I just have to take care to take breaks.

I also went and got my teeth cleaned. The doctor had the temerity to suggest whitening strips :::bristle::: it's not like my teeth are gross or anything, I don't drink coffee or smoke. Bleh. Maybe I will do it anyway. I hate to spend the money for such a vain purpose, though.

Finally, I went shopping with my Mother (cue the ominous music) and it did not go well, as it never does. Nevertheless, she was very kind, bought us lunch, and also bought me a couple of nice tops and a pair of capris. It's hard to find nice clothes that are modest! But I think we managed.

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