Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Inferiority complex... Suffocating...

Reporting Contemporary Issues: A-
Non-Western History: A
Medieval History: A
Graphics of Communication: B

Quarter GPA: 3.625
Cumulative GPA: 3.791

That's right! A *B* in Graphics of Communication! The class with the schmuck of a professor! I was one of the twenty people (out of sixty enrolled) who almost always showed up for his 8 am torture-fest. And if I missed it was to go to Mass! ::Steams:: Of course I am too far along in my coursework for it to really mess up my GPA. Still, one only graduates magna cum laude with a 3.75. Yes, I did, panic-stricken, just look that up, how much of a dork am I? My current cumulative is 3.791. So no slacking my last two quarters.

If I had just gotten a four point like I wanted I would probably be above a 3.8 and home free. Grrrrrr. I am just so annoyed, both at myself (how did I mess up?) and at the professor (I honestly don't know what else he wants from me, besides what I gave him!). I half-feel like challenging the grade, although I think that would be kind of a drastic, stupid thing to do.

I can't believe it. An actual B. I think the last time I got a B it was in Macroeconomics, the class that seeks out live carbon-based organisms and feeds off their pain. Wait a minute, no, I got an A- in Macro-econ. The idiot can get a decent grade in an abstract-thinking, math-y class, but GETS A "B" IN THE LEGENDARY "EASY A" COURSE.

Slow burn...

Wow, I'm doing really well with the old Lenten detachment and devotion, aren't I? Come to think of it, the Lord probably doesn't care too much about that B...

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  1. I too suffered a humiliating defeat of a B in a notorious easy A class ... into psych. Too rub salt in the wound ... you may recall that I got an A in an intro psych class I took at Carnegie Melon University when I was in the flippin eighth grade.

    Very embarassing. I feel your pain.