Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Ides of March

Yes, today is the 15th. Beware! I have to admit that I am never more wary today than on other days. It's superstitious, first of all. Secondly, I can't think of anybody who suffered a lightening bolt of bad luck on this day, except for that one fellow a few years ago who got knifed in the back by his colleagues...

Finals have been going all right, although my grades are still very much up in the air. I am hoping to get straight As again. However, my plans are being messed up by the TA who grades my Non-Western History After 1750 class. He apparently does not believe in giving As. Every single assignment and test I take, he gives me an A-. I do thirty minutes of work on something, I get an A-. I put in three hours, I get an A-. I am too nervous to actually go and speak to him about it, because I don't want to look like a petty person. Look at this whiney little ninny, complaining about why she only has an A- instead of an A.

I really don't mean to be bratty. It's just that you can't get a 4.0 with an A-. You can only get a 3.9 something. And it's my goal every quarter to get a 4.0... Although of course I haven't actually managed that each time at OU. I still like to shoot for it.

My really nasty final, on medieval history, is tomorrow. There are two rather intense, lengthy essays I have to write. Grr.

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