Saturday, April 01, 2006

Happy April Fool's!

Nobody has really "gotten me good" yet. I did manage to "get" my mother on the phone. My trick was the first one she fell for today!

In years past, I have had my shampoo and conditioner switched by my industrious roommates, who had (have) way too much time on their hands. It was quite a disaster, especially since if I am in a hurry I don't condition my hair. I was in a tremendous hurry on this day that year, and so I only used the shampoo bottle. Needless to say, I spent a fair amount of time wondering, "Why isn't this shampoo lathering properly?"

Domenico Bettinelli played a horrible trick. It was actually somewhat believable - I certainly get tired of all the news about bad priests, bad bishops, and liturgical nonsense-makers! So, he did "get" me briefly. Then I came to my senses :)

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