Saturday, April 29, 2006

Happy day

My 21st birthday is rapidly approaching - lucky me, this year it falls on the Lord's Day! It also happens to be First Communion Day at my parish. I can't wait to see the little kids receiving Our Lord in the Eucharist for the first time.

One of my roommates, Jenn, is leaving town this weekend to visit her ailing grandmother, so all my housemates took me out to brunch at the famous Union Street Diner this morning. I had four slices of toast, a cheese omlette, hash browns, mashed potatoes and a delicious piece of peanut butter and chocolate pie. I put a quarter in the juke box, but it did not play my selection, Uptown Girl. Grr, I didn't get my Billy Joel! Lyndsey and Jenn had a good time rearranging the jelly packets. "Let's play OCD!" I cried. I can assure you that the packets were very well-organized according to type and color by the time our food came :) The food itself was wonderful, and, in another plus, the newspaper at our table had two great articles - one debunking the Da Vinci Code, and another talking about the irrelevance of the Gospel of Judas. Great to see in a mainstream newspaper!

Later in the day, Lyndsey and I went bike riding. Now, this could have been quite a show for the local Athenians, as well as fodder for the next day's paper - Girl Rides Bike Off Path and Into Hocking River, Drowns in Dirty, Dirty Water - but happily we had quite a good time! I didn't fall off even once, although it's been years since I really rode a bike. It's true what they say, you never forget once you learn.

I also spent lots of time helping Lauren write her Communication Law paper. Editorial work = fun! My own paper is still in its infancy, gulp.

I have promised my roommmates that since I am going to be 21, I will have something to drink Saturday night. Obviously, nothing serious, just a glass of wine with my meal or something.

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