Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Conservative talker Michael Savage teed off on the Catholic Church on his radio program recently, apparently because the Church takes seriously God's command to care for widows, orphans, the poor and... Aliens:
...It's the greedy Catholic Church that was behind it because the people of America walked away from the molesters' dens and they need to bring in people from the Third World who are still gullible enough to sit there and listen to the molesters ... the Roman Catholic Church was behind this, the Roman Catholic Church started this a year ago. The Roman Catholic Church flooded the streets because they cannot get parishioners anymore amongst educated white people who have caught onto the racket and instead they need to import dummies to sit in the church pews...
Via Cosmos-Liturgy-Sex (What a great name for a Catholic blog!)

Mr. Savage also refers to the "Catholic pigs."

That's riiiight, Mr. Savage, it's allll a grand conspiracy! Just think, we have FIVE Supreme Court justices! Another aspect of the Jesuit-orchestrated campaign to control the government and rake in dough! I have to congratulate him on the racist "stupid Mexicans!" line. Very original. Just for the record, I am one (fairly) educated white person who just hasn't caught on to the "racket" yet.

Savage, Coulter et. al. are to the Right what Al Franken et. al. are to the Left. People listen to them on the radio and read their work because they are outrageous, and outrageous can be entertaining. But no one - no one serious - actually pays much attention to what they have to say. In my "pagan conservative" youth, I have to admit that I really did give a lot of credence to what these "personalities" had to say. When I reverted I began to realize that it is neccesary to argue with intellectual vigor, not just angry vitriol. I am still very much a conservative, but not an angry, knee-jerk conservative. In fact, members of that species annoy me almost as much as angry, knee-jerk liberals. Nothing like the Catholic Church to force you to start thinking! :)

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