Monday, April 03, 2006

Papa has a kitty!

As per The Tablet, via Whispers in the Loggia:
The Tablet says that the cat was found by Msgr Georg Ganswein, Benedict's private secretary, on his way back to the Vatican from a January Mass; Ganswein smuggled the cat, "a tabby with pale green eyes they named Scherzo," in his vestments.

"As she gained in strength," the cat is said to have "developed a mischievous streak and was one day caught swinging from brocade curtains.
The cat has apparently been smuggled back to the Pope's old apartment, where Msgr. Ganswein goes every day to feed her.

I feel like such a teenager saying this, but... Cuuuuuute!

UPDATE: AHHHHH! I been duped!

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