Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Beautiful words

From a letter from Papa to the Jesuits, encouraging devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus:
Contemplation of the "pierced side of the Redeemer," the Pope wrote, is an apt way of "fixing our gaze on Him," and recognizing his love. The mystery of Christ's love, he continued, is "the content of all true Christian spirituality and devotion." Pope Benedict added: "In fact, being Christian is only possible with our gaze fixed on the cross of our Redeemer."

Recognizing and accepting God's love, the Pontiff continued, leads to an inner transformation. "The experience of God's love is lived by man as a 'call' to which he must respond." Thus contemplation of the Sacred heart "safeguards us from the risk of closing in on ourselves, and makes us open to a life lived for others." Devotion to the Sacred Heart, the Pope concluded, "cannot then be considered as a passing form of veneration or devotion." Rather, it is "irreplaceable for a living relationship with God."
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I have always had a fondness for the Sacred Heart. I have to confess that the reason my interest was first piqued was because the saint to whom the devotion was revealed was named Margaret Mary. Needless to say, the Sacred Heart devotion is beautiful enough to attract anyone, not just those who share the name Margaret!

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