Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Big day tomorrow

From the London Times on the European tour of Hugo Chavez:

...But he is undoubtedly a new phenomenon on the global stage. Now he is bringing his message, if not his largesse, to Europe. His schedule includes a meeting with Pope Benedict XVI — always a political prize for a populist leader of a Latin American country. There will also be talks with the EU and then what Downing Street yesterday rather sniffily termed a “private visit” to London. This will include a mass rally at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, a trip to see left-wing Labour MPs at the Commons, talks with the TUC and a glittering banquet hosted by Mr Livingstone.

Gulp. The Church and Senor Chavez have not been getting along very well lately, if I remember... I am sure Papa will handle him well, however.

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