Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Some good news

And some bad news.

I got my financial aid letter in the old inbox today, and I got enough scholarship money to cover my tuition for my last quarter of college, even with the six percent hike. My parents were rather... Relieved, to say the least.

I also found out that Ohio University plans to raze the old student union on Union Street and build an "attractive" high rise, which will house the entire College of Communication. This would include, drumroll, the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism. The beautiful, special little hall which was all our own will be turned into an arm of business journalism or some such.

Bleh! The Scrippsters I have heard are all rather upset about it. We want everyone at Scripps to identify most of all with the School, not with the College or with the University - we're snobby like that! It is sort of messing with the brand name on our diplomas. Not that I personally intend to do much with the name, of course. Everyone loves the old Scripps traditions, even though they say the new building will really be cutting-edge. And the Scripps Howard Foundation itself apparently demanded that the School be in the new building, which kind of puts the faculty and the Director in a tough spot if they wanted to oppose the plan. The media is in the process of "converging," they say, and so we have to follow their lead...

It won't happen for at least another eight years, so I'll be long gone. And like I said, I probably won't do much with the Scripps name. While pursuing the major it has become clear that journalism is most likley not what my soul is meant for. But I have a lot of good memories from Scripps Hall, and I'll be sad to see the place turn over.

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