Thursday, May 18, 2006

Class scheduling

Today has been a rather good day, in spite of about half of my friends and aquiantences falling ill with whatever bug is going around :(

I got a hundred on my history exam, and I also figured out my course schedule for my last quarter of college. I got all of the classes I needed to graduate... The big surprise: There is a course being taught on C.S. Lewis this fall! Of course I signed up for it. It is being offered as a part of the "University Professor" program, which is a special honor given to particularly good professors who are then allowed to teach a course on any subejct under the sun. So I am betting it will be an awesome class. If I went to a good Catholic school like Notre Dame, these kind of courses would be... par for the course! But not at OU, alas. So I'm kind of excited that this opportunity came along during my last quarter of school.


Please pray that everyone is feeling better soon. It really stinks to be sick, and this is a really unpretty illness that's making the rounds. :(

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