Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Oh ho!

Surprise, surprise. I think more people will see the Da Vinci Code because of all the controversy. But what dy'a know, the movie actually sucks.

From everyone's old favorite, CNN:

Early viewers pan 'Da Vinci Code'

CANNES, France (CNN) -- A mixture of fiction, fact and faith, "The Da Vinci Code" has made its worldwide film debut, opening the Cannes Film Festival -- but while the book was a mega-selling hit, the critics largely panned the cinematic version..

...The movie did receive some lukewarm praise, but the majority of the response was highly critical.

One scene during the film, meant to be serious, elicited prolonged laughter from the audience. There was no applause when the credits rolled; instead, a few catcalls and hisses broke the silence.

The Hollywood Reporter headlined its review, " 'Da Vinci Code' an unwieldy, bloated puzzle."

"No chemistry exists between the hero and heroine, and motivation remains a troubling sore point," wrote reviewer Kirk Honeycutt, panning Tom Hanks' "remote, even wooden performance." Only co-star Ian McKellen managed to avoid criticism...

Full article.

I can't say I'm surprised.

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