Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Good news

I've just been offered a job on the Copy Editing staff of The Post, OU's independent student newspaper. Basically that means that I will be pouring over yards and yards of reporter's copy, making corrections to spelling, grammar, style, facts, and so forth. The hours are pretty bad (lots of late nights, lots of working until the paper goes to bed) but I think the experience will be good. It's a part-time job, and it pays $15 a week, which almost covers my weekly grocery bill. And I will not permit it to interfere with attending daily Mass. I need Holy Communion a lot more than I need the job!

I don't start until next quarter (Fall) so I have all summer to memorize the AP Stylebook. Before they hire you at The Post, they give you an editing exam, and apparently I did well on it; I don't know how that happened. We had to memorize AP style my sophomore year, but that was a couple years ago and I've forgotten most of it, except for the obvious, basic rules of grammar.

I guess I have to break down and actually buy a copy of the book, instead of borrowing from the library. Woe is me ;)

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