Sunday, May 14, 2006

A very moving piece

From the Boston Catholic Journal:

Come back to me

" Come back to me with all your heart, don't let fear keep us apart..."

These are words taken from a very beautiful song which is based upon the song of Hosea.

Can you hear the Father calling, can you feel deep within you something awakening,a cry a recognition of his voice? "Come back to me with your all your heart; there is no place for fear between us."

We all have deep rooted, long standing fears residing within us, fear is probably the greatest and most insidious manipulator ...

But the whispers of the Divine Lover are so much greater than our fears.Sometimes we allow fear to separate us from God; fear of punishment, fear created by what our Christian journey demands of us, and sometime our fears are totally irrational, but they bind us, one and all, and keep us from approaching our God with confidence.

Fear can paralyze our actions, it can render us impotent to do that which is right, fear can also bind our hearts in such a way that we are unable to love others freely and genuinely. Fear distorts the truth, robs us of our joy, it can manifest itself in all kinds of mental and physical sickness, it can prevent us breathing in the very Spirit of God because we are already so full of fear that "there is no room at the Inn."

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