Saturday, May 13, 2006


Is where to be, if you're a really cool person (who forgot about the $24 license renewal fee until you had already waited in line for fifteen minutes and so you had to get $40 out of the nearest ATM machine even though you only have $50 left in your account because the stupid thing only dispenses in multiples of $20 and you had no choice because like an idiot you forgot your check book and you had no petty cash and then you had to go to the back of the line which had meanwhile grown as long as one of those dragons you see on Chinese New Year and then when it's finally your turn you really give the girl running the sight exam a conniption because you're really near-sighted in your right eye) like me.

The good news is that eventually you get your renewed license, and the picture isn't that bad, and the waiting time gave you a chance to pray. All in all, it was pretty productive, I'd say!

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