Friday, May 12, 2006

I forgot

That May 1st was my second blogversary!

I forgot last year, too. I just happened to remember because I was updating my archives.

I started this my freshman year, and here I am, two years later. It's funny and wonderful to look back and see how much closer to the Lord the Sacraments have brought me. I was amused to re-read my old posts about preparing for Confirmation... (breathlessly) "Oh my goodness! I have to call the rectory! I'm just going to die!" What a silly girl I was! Of course I still have miles and miles to go to the foot of the Cross. Mary will take me...

Yesterday I went and spoke to my faculty advisor for the last time. We figured out what courses I need to take. Only fourteen more credit hours! It's not even a full schedule, which I need to have if I want to keep my scholarship money, which I need for tuition. So I'll have to take a couple fun blow off courses, or something.

Then again, I always wanted to take Greek. I've already had Latin, and it seems a shame to leave off Greek. The Gospels were originally written in Ancient Greek, for goodness sake! Then again again, I've also heard that Greek is much harder than Latin, the first hurdle being the different alphabet.

I really want to graduate magnum cum laude and I'm skating right near the edge, so I have to keep working hard! Gotta keep the nose to the grindstone!

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