Saturday, June 10, 2006

Home sweet home

Well, I am back in the bosom of my father's country, as they say. Specifically I am back in Hudson.

We stopped along the way in Marietta so that Mother could catch up with an old friend of hers from her nursing work. The lady and her husband live right on the Ohio River on the West Virginia side (where the taxes are nil and the prices are much lower); she thrilled us with stories about last year's Hundred Year Flood, when the river rose to within twenty feet of their home. Of course, the Hundred Year Flood came twice last year, so she can be secure for the next two centuries ;) On the Ohio side, the city of Marietta got two feet of floodwater, flowing all the way into the Lafayette hotel.

Marietta is such a lovely little town, and I have frequently suggested to my parents that they might want to retire there. Although it would be so difficult to leave Hudson. This is where my father had his house built - the estate he hoped to leave to his heirs - and where he founded his company, too. And Chadds Ford is such a beautiful part of the city, even if some of the people can be a bit snobby. That's what having lots of money will do to you, if you fail to keep in mind that Christ was poor.

Tomorrow I will be going to St. Mary's for Mass. Have a blessed Holy Trinity Sunday!

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