Friday, June 09, 2006

All done

You must forgive me my long absence! My mind has been slowly melting due to the fact that it's finals week here at OU.

I finished my exams and projects on Thursday, but my parents aren't going to be swinging by Athens until Saturday. I am using the remaining time to eat, sleep, breathe, etc, all the things I forgot to do while I was studying. Also packing. Yes, have to get on that... heh...

I have some additional good news: I was recently hired as the religion columnist for The Post. I don't start until Fall Quarter, so I'm going to be doing some writing this summer. That way I'll have a few columns in the can.

The only trouble is that in addition to this, plus my copy-editing job, plus my eighteen credit hours, the last quarter of my college career is going to be another mind-melter. I really do want some copy-editing experience, but the columnist position is too good an opportunity to pass up. So I will try a balancing act.

I have all summer to memorize the stylebook and all summer to write. I'm sure things will work out...

Of course, I am always happy to solicit opinions for column ideas. The Post is the student newspaper here at OU; it's completely independent of the university and it has a daily circulation of 14,000. My column will be appearing on Wednesdays. I was suspecting they would give me the job when I applied with the "religion and spirituality" topic; everyone in journalism has such a complex about religion reporting.

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