Friday, June 02, 2006


On the situation at St. Mary's by the Sea:

From the Diocese of Orange:

The LA TIMES, Sunday, May 28, 2006, story about the liturgical practices at St. Mary's by the Sea stated that the determination of some parishioners to kneel during the Agnus Dei at Mass was a "mortal sin" because it violated the liturgical norm (to stand) of the province of the USCCB Region XI (CA, Hawaii and Nevada)

The LA TIMES article quoted from Fr. Martin Tran' weekly bulletin column in which he addressed the issue of respect for the general liturgical norms and practices of the Roman Catholic Church approved by the Vatican, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops and Bishop Tod Brown...

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Basically, it states that Fr. Tran has retracted his statement that kneeling is a "mortal sin," and that the Diocese of Orange concurs with this retraction. Bravo.

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